The next TV Fast Train, the hugely popular free training day for freelancers working in television, will be held on 16 May 2012.

Taking place at the BBC Academy’s headquarters in White City, it will offer TV freelancers the unique chance to sample a wide range of training from the industry’s leading providers

Last year’s event – the biggest ever TV freelance training event with 72 training sessions and 17 master classes – drew 300 delegates.

It was also attended by big industry names including Janice Hadlow, controller of BBC2; Zai Bennett, controller of BBC3; Richard Klein, controller of BBC4; Stuart Murphy, director of programmes for Sky1, Sky Atlantic, Sky2, Sky3 and director of commissioning, Sky Entertainment Channels; Richard McKerrow, Love Productions; Andrew Jackson, Channel 4; Jo Clinton Davis, ITV and Karl Warner, BBC.

This year’s event will be produced and hosted by the BBC Academy in partnership with Skillset and in association with a range of industry partners.

Last year, short training sessions were also provided by The Indie Training Fund, DV Talent, VET, ShortCourses@NFTS, BECTU, Skills2Film, and Skillset Media Academies, with the support of many independent production companies.

Donna Taberer, BBC Academy head of public service partnerships, said: “There has been such a terrific response to TV Fast Train and Radio Fast Train that I’m delighted that we can announce the next one on May 16.

“There is clearly a massive demand among freelancers for training – and this year we’ll aim to get several hundred more invited. The day will be bigger and more ambitious, with training at the heart of every session.

“This is a unique and unmissable day of free training and networking opportunities featuring some of the biggest names and hit shows from across the industry.”

Skillset’s executive director (deputy CEO), Kate O’Connor, said: “We are delighted that Skillset’s Fast Train partnership with the BBC Academy is delivering such clear benefits for the industry. This ongoing series of events not only gives people the chance to access some of the best training available for free, it also demonstrates just how important that training is for the success of our industries.”

Booking tickets and further information will be from 10am Wednesday 25th April .

Updated by Bill Best on 5 April 2012.