Twitter is a useful tool for community media projects as the platform allows you to reach out to a wide network of stakeholders and is very useful for promoting opportunities. Here at the Community Media Association we have identified 12 tips that will hopefully help you utilise Twitter more effectively as well as get more engagement with your followers.

  • Sharing images on Twitter can improve engagement with your followers by 150%.
  • Use hashtags to increase your rate of engagement as hashtags create higher visibility on Twitter (limit yourself to two hashtags as the tweet will lose scope).
  • Include links in your posts as research shows that links get retweeted by up to 86% more.
  • Shorter tweets, e.g. 65 characters, generate more retweets than a longer tweet of 140 characters as followers browse quickly through Twitter.
  • Leverage Twitter tools such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Buffer as you can schedule tweets throughout the day to suit your followers.
  • Utilise Twitter Analytics – the dashboard shows you top tweets, mentions, and new followers. You can tailor content for your followers based on information such as your followers’ demographic information and interests.
  • Tweet during the day between 8am – 7pm and your posts will have 30% higher engagement.
  • Respond as quickly as possible to enquiries as users expect a response within an hour – Twitter has grown to become a platform for communicating with your followers and dealing with their enquiries.
  • Ask your followers for retweets to get a higher engagement rate to widen your appeal.
  • Tweets sent out at weekends will receive a higher engagement rate of up to 17%.
  • Tweet the same content multiple times – this will spread information that a user may have possibly missed before.
  • Share exciting stories that will keep the users engaged and learn more about your organisation.


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