Connected Communities Media Collection

The Connected Communities Media Collection (CCMC) brings together
community-made media outputs from Connected Communities projects
across the UK.

At the core of the AHRC’s Connected Communities programme is research
to better understand the changing nature of communities and community
values, and the role communities play in sustaining and enhancing quality
of life.

The Collection preserves and promotes the media made to make it accessible
to the widest possible audience.

It is a resource to inspire and inform existing and future researchers within
UK Higher Education Institutions working in or with communities; other
Connected Communities projects and communities intending to develop
media projects with a research element.

The CCMC is a collaboration between the Community Media Association,
Northumbria University and the Arts and Humanities Research Council
Connected Communities programme.

Ann Light of Northumbria University and Tamar Millen from the
Community Media Association have produced an invaluable guide called
Making Media with Communities: Guidance for Researchers which
provides a framework for the development of community media projects.