Lessons from community media

Media Reform Coalition

Event by Media Reform UK
Online: TBC
Date: Thursday, 13 May 2021 at 18:00 UTC+01
Price: Free
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At its best, community media is the media we all need – a space where anyone can take part, tell their stories and learn more about themselves and others. With 300 community radio stations and 20 local television stations, there are thousands of people across the UK who know first-hand the power of giving communities the chance to speak for, and to, themselves. But the sector is hugely underfunded, and often overwhelmed by commercial competitors and larger institutions like the BBC.

This event, organised by the Media Reform Coalition and Soundart Radio, looks at the future of community media in turbulent times. What could accountability look like, if we thought of it less as following government rules and more about being responsible to each other? How could national broadcasters positively support and learn from community media? And what do we do when the idea of ‘community’ is often weaponised against the people that need it most?

Part of the MRC’s “The BBC and Beyond: Reimagining Public Media” campaign, the discussion will feed into a Manifesto for a People’s Media later this year.

Updated by Bill Best on 22 April 2021.