In Community Media having a Facebook organisation page will take you a long way, in terms of improving the reputation of your organisation. We have compiled a list of 12 tips that will make you consider or apply knowledge for Facebook in order to reach out to the wider community.

  • Nurturing your relationships is very important to boost engagement with stakeholders and it takes time to build good relationships with Facebook users so message stakeholders sincerely and update content regularly.
  • Apply Facebook insights to learn more about your stakeholders so you can tailor your posts around them to meet their interests.
  • Use hashtags intelligently (1 per post) on Facebook to expand your reach to different users who are following similar topics for more exposure on your page.
  • Provide pictures and videos as these are the posts that generally get the most views from a user’s Facebook feed and this generates more appeal to your page, but be strategic.
  • Ensure the ‘About Us’ section has the key details as it speaks volumes about your organisation.
  • Promote your Facebook page through main website (if you own one), marketing materials such as cards, newsletters or word of mouth.
  •  Experiment with your posts, depending on your business and audience a total of a post or about seven posts a day may work, so find out the best day of engagement.
  • Avoid lengthy posts by keeping them short and sweet as followers nowadays want information as quick as possible because there is a lot to take in Facebook.
  • Schedule your posts through applications such as Hootsuite with a clear goal and strategy to get your Facebook followers engaged.
  •  Encourage Facebook stakeholders to give a review of the organisation as it will inform potential stakeholders what to expect and share links to your page.
  • A professional image and a cover photo of the Business will take you a long way given the perception of the organisation.
  •  Research third party tools that will be beneficial to giving your page a competitive edge e.g. measuring analytics, promotions and user posts.


Download pdf file here: 12 tips for Facebook