YouTube provides a strong platform for viewers where stakeholders can get an insight of your organisation’s brand and activities. It is a high profile platform that can drive community media channels forward and generate exposure to wider audiences.

  • Keep your videos short when you first start out as today’s viewers want bite-sized chunks of information quickly.
  • Add SEO keywords to titles so users can search for you online, while also make the description sound relevant and stand out, as the first two lines will display on the video.
  • Engage with the comments section as that will keep subscribers or potential subscribers of the channel interested and valued.
  • Integrate social media channels and your website with YouTube on the information page and vice versa. This will allow all platforms to link and share information and activity for your subscribers to learn more about your organisation.
  • Understand your users by using  ‘YouTube Analytics’  to find out who is paying attention to your videos and what they are searching for.
  • Offer something professional by using high quality video equipment, as HD and well focused videos will get more views.
  • Announce a time when content will be published to keep subscribers coming back, as regular content will keep your channel active and alive in Google’s top searches.
  • Collaborate with others in your community and get them to promote your channel and videos.
  • Add featured channels to affiliate yourself with YouTube content creators similar to yourself such as other community media channels.
  • Ensure your channel has exciting thumbnails and professional images or artwork that will promote the brand and keep viewers interested.
  • Contact your clients through email marketing to get them viewing or subscribing to your videos.
  • Create a brand story so the audience will know who you are and promote your events so in real life you can get more engagement with viewers listening in or aware of your community media channel.


Download PDF here: 12 tips for Youtube