Grant Update: Greener Living Fund

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The Greener Living Fund (GLF) aims to help individuals and communities in
England live more sustainably, reducing their carbon footprint and
reducing pressure on natural resources. Grants will be awarded for two
years to around ten national third sector organisations (delivery
partners), enabling them to deliver programmes that help people to
change their behaviour in the home and when shopping and travelling.
Full scheme details
Start date: 04/11/2008
Total Fund Value: £ 6,100,000
Grant Value - minimum: £ 200,000
Grant Value - notes:

There is no maximum grant value but applicants should bear in mind
the total available for all sponsored programmes/projects will be
£6.1m over the period (£500k programme preparation grant in 2008-9,
£2.8m in each of years 2009-10 and 2010-11 to support programme
delivery). The grants will be awarded for programmes and projects
that start in April 2009 and are completed by the end of March 2011.
Extended Description:

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