Your chance to contribute to the Government’s action plan of support for the third sector

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The recently published pre-budget report set out measures to tackle the economic downturn. The third sector has a particularly valuable contribution to make through building stronger and more cohesive communities, delivering public services, empowering people to change their environments and ultimately supporting the most vulnerable individuals in society.

On 24th November Kevin Brennan, the Minister for the Third Sector, chaired a summit with NCVO on the impact of the downturn on the third sector. Sector representatives highlighted a number of challenges they were facing in the current economic climate, and more importantly discussed how Government and the sector could work together.

Building on these discussions, the Minister announced plans to publish an Action Plan in the New Year. This represents a real opportunity for the sector and Government to work in partnership to address current and future challenges. It is crucial to involve the sector from the onset in the development of this action plan.

We are keen for third sector organisations to work with their own stakeholders, partners and users to contribute to this crucial work in making the sector more resilient.

The OTS would welcome suggestions from the sector on innovative ways the government could help support the environment for a thriving third sector in the coming months and years, with a particular focus on the 6 key themes raised at the summit

  • Meeting demand for public services particularly in deprived areas
  • Good quality contracting and commissioning
  • Addressing potential income issues through local and national level funding and maximising charitable giving
  • Modernisation of the sector to cope with financial pressures.
  • Building social capital (volunteering, for example) and tackling worklessness
  • Role of social enterprise

Your comments will play an important part in the development of the action plan and OTS would very much welcome your thoughts and ideas by 31st December 2008. Please send any comments to

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  1. felixstowe

    Great buzzwords, but reality remains. Government agencies are reluctant to create contracts that small organisations can handle, and even so the sector is poorly funded there are few mechanisms which allow for cooperative bids from consortia.

    Social enterprise is a great concept, but it will take time to change the mindset of a generation.

    In radio the OfCom annual report has no real information about community radio – most stations could/should operate as SEs. The statistical collection services have no way of collecting data about this Third Sector, so it is ignored. Just added a short programme about that at

    Until Third Sector is funded properly, and such money need not, perhaps should not, come in the form of grants or projects dreamed up by economic development agencies but rather from small contracts that the sector can handle.

    We congratulate HM Revenue & Customs who have funded a serties of informative programmes, that we broadcast. We are cheap, we have good reach into the local community, and so both parties gain from the collaboration.

    If every government department was made to use community media in a similar fashion, we’d all survive, and the sector would grow.

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