Sector Qualification Strategy: Have your say

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The UK Workforce Hub has been commissioned by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) to develop a Sector Qualification Strategy for the UK third sector.

The project builds on the Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) reports produced by the Hub (available at

With this piece of work UKCES are trying to do a number of things at the same time:

  1. To develop a Sector Qualification Strategy and an action plan to implement it. The document is a technical one that has to be written in a specific way and will help to influence the government and funding bodies.
  2. To develop a Skills Strategy that will be accessible to those who work and volunteer in the sector. This will cover similar ground as the SQS but will be more accessible and will look at wider learning that is not influenced by government or the statutory skills funding agencies.
  3. To start to develop an action plan that will help to influence the early work of the new skills body (more about which can be found here). This body will take over from the Workforce Hub in taking forward the work of ensuring that the sector has a more skilled and effective workforce.

UKCES has now developed the draft Sector Qualification Strategy for consultation and they need as many people as possible who work or volunteer in the sector to answer the questions posed in this draft strategy.

You can find the consultation draft strategy below. For more information, please contact Mark Freeman:

The closing date for this consultation is 27th February, 2009.

If you have any problems accessing the document, please email

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