Ofcom publishes details of recent community radio licences

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Ofcom has published a statement setting out the reasons for the award
of new community radio licences to the following stations:

• HCR FM, Huntingdon

HCR FM will serve the people of Huntingdon and the surrounding area.
It has long experience of broadcasting in the area, having carried out
13 temporary restricted service licence (SRSL) broadcasts since 1995.
It proposes a service of familiar music and local news and
information that suits local tastes. The applicant demonstrated
good community links with local businesses and community groups
and evidence of demand and support for its proposals. It set out
a training plan covering a range of skills. In addition there is
an induction programme for new volunteers and a commitment to provide
access and training to a wide range of people from the local community.

• intobeats, Bedford

intobeats will provide an urban music service primarily targeted at
under-35 year-olds in Bedford. The applicant has over 10 years
experience in urban music, and has been running an internet project
since January 2008. Group members have experience of doing DJ
sets and working on other internet and FM stations, and bring a good
knowledge of various urban music genres. This will help ensure the
station caters for the tastes and interests of local urban music
enthusiasts, broadens radio choice locally and provides a
radio station to a section of the community that is currently
underserved by such services. The committee was impressed by the
fact that this service would offer a different kind of social gain
from most community radio stations, in particular RLC felt that the
station could offer considerable benefits for young people in the area.
intobeats has a track record of encouraging participation from
urban music enthusiasts and proposes to build on this and on its
experience of providing training to volunteers.

• AHBS Community Radio, Ashford, Kent

AHBS will provide a service for those involved in healthcare, but also
encompassing the wider community of Ashford (Kent). The applicant is a
well-established organisation, and a registered charity, which has
operated a hospital radio service since 1971. As well as
health-related output, the station will include information from
Ashford Borough Council and programmes produced by local schools and
the wider community which will broaden choice locally. The
applicant has a comprehensive training strategy, developed over a long

period. It has in place a support system for new volunteers.



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