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There were  34 shortlists in the Sony Radio Academy Award Categories.

The Prison Radio Association and Electric Radio, Brixton had nominations in the Speech Award, the Listener Participation
Award, the Interview Award, and the Community Award.

The Omagh Community Radio Group for Strule FM was nominated for the Community Award.

Clifton had been nominated in the Internet Programme Award category.

Katey Wallace of Radio Teesdale had a nomination in the DAB Rising Star Awards.

The results are as follows with commentary from the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2009.

Listener Participation Award:

  • GOLD – Prison Radio Association for Electric Radio Brixton
  • Station Manager/Producer: Andrew Wilkie
  • Radio Station Tutor/Producer: Kim Townsend
  • Producers/Presenters: Prisoners of HMP Brixton
  • Producers: Katy Watson & Lila Allen
  • Executive Producer: Phil Maguire

“In a world of restricted budgets and resources, the professional radio industry could be forgiven for feeling like it is getting closer to its community radio counterparts. But if truly great radio is a reflection of the love, passion and commitment put into making it, rather than the money spent on it, then the future of radio is safe. Electric Radio Brixton is an example of what can be achieved when radio is used for what it does best – an intimate connection to deliver powerful, meaningful content that targets an audience who have a genuine need to be fulfilled. Everyone interested in making great radio would do well to follow its example of powerful simplicity”.

Interview Award:

  • BRONZE – Prison Radio Association for Electric Radio Brixton
  • Electric Radio Brixton interview with Jonathan Aitken
  • Station Manager/Producer: Andrew Wilkie
  • Executive Producers: Phil Maguire & Kieron Tilley
  • Producer/Presenter: Tis

“This was an impressive interview of Jonathan Aitken by Tis, a prisoner at HMP Brixton. The straightforward, unconditional questioning was well structured, eliciting a revealing and enthralling account of Mr Aitken’s prison experience”.

Speech Award:

  • BRONZE – Prison Radio Association for Electric Radio Brixton
  • Prisoners’ Voices
  • Station Manager/Producer/Presenter: Andrew Wilkie
  • Radio Station Tutor/Producer: Kim Townsend
  • Panellists: Prisoners of HMP Brixton
  • Executive Producer: Phil Maguire

“The winner of the Bronze Award may broadcast to the country’s smallest and most captive audience. What that audience gets is a programme of searing, matter-of-fact honesty dealing with deeply personal subjects and brought to life by the voices of the listeners themselves”.

Community Award:

  • GOLD – Prison Radio Association for Electric Radio Brixton
  • A Sound Fix
  • Producers: Steve Urquhart & Adam Fowler
  • Executive Producers: Phil Maguire & Andrew Wilkie

“An entry which combined powerful use of the medium in a highly effective and unusual way, combining high production values with real-life experiences. The personal stories of those involved provided gripping and engaging radio which altered the perceptions of the listener and increased our understanding of prisoner rehabilitation. The judges were left in no doubt that this initiative made a significant difference to the prisoners involved”.

  • BRONZE – Omagh Community Radio Group for Strule FM
  • Omagh Community Radio Group
  • Producer: Sean Cuthbertson
  • Presenters: Tom Sweeney, Declan Forde, Andy Gordon, Gerarda McCann,
  • Don McGurgan, Emma Teague, Brian McNamee, Joe Culby & Danny Quick

“Real life stories and experiences which may have been forgotten or overlooked had it not been for this impressive example of how a station can utilise the people within its own community to engage and enthral the listener”.

The Internet Programme Award:

  • GOLD – Clifton
  • The Budgerigar and the Prisoner
  • Producer: Mary Colwell
  • Contributors: Les Tanner & Robert King
  • Music: Gareth Davies-Jones

“A beautifully and subtly crafted programme which used the simplest materials to tell a compelling story and deliver profound emotional impact. It was perfectly adapted to the medium, breaking genre boundaries to deliver its message to the target audience with perfect pitch”.

DAB ‘Rising Star’ Awards:

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