European Digital Dividend for TV and radio – community media response

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The Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), of which the CMA is a member,
has responded to the consultation, held by the European Union, on
“Transforming the digital dividend opportunity into social benefits and
economic growth in Europe”
. The CMFE stresses in this contribution, in
line with recent declarations and resolutions from the Council of Europe
and the European Parliament, the important social and cultural need for
European citizens to benefit from the opportunities the digital
developments offer. CMFE sees in the proposed strategy to much focus on
economic needs. Not enough attention is being paid to the problems of
Community Media in the process of digitalization of broadcasting
frequencies. The chosen technologies, e.g. DVB-T, DAB and HDTV, still
threaten the possibilities for CM to survive in this new technological area.

Community media need extra guarantees for participation in the digital
broadcasting era to also profit from the ‘Digital Dividend’. New digital
technologies need to offer challenges instead of treats to the community
media sector. This needs extra attention because until now only large
scale broadcasters and commercial media- and communication services tend
to profit from the chosen digital technologies. CMFE urges to set aside
sufficient spectrum for the further development of local and community
television and other community media services in every country. New
technology and also digitalization is meant to make more possible, not
less !!!

CMFE’s contribution can be found here and will soon also be published on

For a complete list of contributions, also including the contributions
from Amarc-Europe and SNRL (Syndicat National des Radios Libres,
), see here.

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