CMA / BBC “Memorandum of Understanding”

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The local broadcasting ecology in England continues to change rapidly; the new tier of community radio is steadily increasing (more than two hundred stations have been licensed since 2005 and more than one hundred and sixty are on air as at October 2009).  There also opportunities for increased community media presence, including video and multi media content, on the web.

The growth of broadband has revolutionised the accessibility and supply of local information and the debate about local television is ongoing.  A multi media community presence is emerging as a vibrant addition to local democracy.

In parallel with this, increasing numbers of community media organisations are engaging with the BBC on a variety of levels.  Working with CMA members has already helped the BBC to move closer to its diversity targets on and off air, improve its connectivity at a local level with audiences and boosted its creative talent base.

We hope that this updated Memorandum of Understanding will help to support current and future working arrangements between community media groups and the BBC in England to ensure that these happen in the best way with the best outcomes, delivering a richer experience for listeners, viewers and online users.

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