Ofcom awards new community radio licence – OX4 FM, Oxford

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Ofcom has announced the award of one new community radio licence, in
Oxfordshire, to:

• OX4 FM, Oxford

Web-site: http://www.ox4fm.net

OX4 FM will provide a service tailored to the interests of the diverse
residents of the OX4 area of Oxford. It will provide community
information, discuss issues directly relevant to the area, and promote
local artists and local organisations. It aims to be a unifying force
for the area, increasing community cohesion and inviting

The licence is awarded for a five-year period.

A statement setting out the main determining factors for the award of
the community radio licence referred to above will be published in the
radio licensing section of Ofcom’s January Communications Monthly

Source: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/media/news/2009/12/nr_20091216a

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