CMA launches Arts Strategy 2010–2012

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The Community Media Association is currently coordinating a two-year project focusing on establishing creative and enduring collaborations between the arts and the community media sector. Enhancing participation and engagement in the arts by reaching out to wider audiences through community media and encouraging arts content through these mediums.

Community media is a fast growing sector and includes community radio and television broadcasters, community based independent film makers, and internet and digital and social media groups. Community media brings people together to share their stories and ideas, giving communities a voice.

By mid 2011 community media will be one of the first choice broadcast producers, platforms, and partners for the arts: establishing creative and enduring collaborations between community media practitioners and the arts. This document provides a framework for the Community Media Association to support its membership and the sector over the next two years (2010 – 2012) to:

  • Build on its existing arts offer promoting innovation and excellence in current practice and advocating future models of arts and community media collaboration
  • Advocate the sector’s place as a participant in the arts and digital media fields
  • Raise the profile of the sector as a key partner for arts and creative activities

Download the report here.

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