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Employers and workers are being asked to help Skillset shape the
future of the sector by taking part in the largest consultation of the
Creative Media Industries.

The 2010 Creative Media Workforce and Employer Surveys, which launched
on Monday (24 May), will help Skillset to provide the most
comprehensive profile of working life in the UK’s Creative Media
Industries. They will also provide an assessment of how the industry
is faring in the current global economic climate.

Those taking part will be asked about their skills needs, experience
of training and recruitment, future plans and working patterns.
Findings will be used to directly inform Skillset’s ongoing work with
the Creative Media Industries – and make sure they remain a world

They will, for example, help Skillset to pinpoint future training
support, issues affecting the sector and spot trends that could lead
to skills shortages or over-supply. The Sector Skills Council will
tailor interventions and allocate funding to have the most significant
immediate benefit to the sector.

Previous examples have included the establishment of a UK-wide network
of Screen and Media Academies that provide the highest standard of
practical training and industry engagement in Creative Media
disciplines, as well as the tracking and pinpointing and addressing
the skills issues faced by freelancers working throughout the sector.

Skillset’s unparalleled resource of labour market information has also
been instrumental in informing debate about broad issues that are
affecting our industries.

Skillset’s chief executive, Dinah Caine, said: “These surveys play
such an important role for the whole of the Creative Media sector.
They directly and quickly shape all of our work with our industries,
including planning future training support, pinpointing skills gaps
and determining what more we can do to make sure our sector remains a
world leader.”

To take part, people should visit:

If you would prefer to be contacted by phone, please email

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