Arts Council Enquiry into the Arts and Heritage

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An enquiry into the funding of the arts and heritage was announced
recently by the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select
. The Committee has stated that it wishes to investigate the

  • The impact of recent as well as future spending cuts from central
    and local government on the arts and heritage at national and local
  • The measures that arts organisations can take to work more closely together
  • What level of public subsidy for the arts and heritage is necessary
    and sustainable
  • Whether the current system and structure of funding distribution is
    the right one
  • The impact recent changes to the distribution of National Lottery
    will have on arts and heritage organisations
  • Whether the policy guidelines for National Lottery funding need to be reviewed
  • The impact of recent changes to bodies of the Department for
    Culture, Media and Sport
    . In particular the abolition of the UK Film
    and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
  • Whether businesses and philanthropists can play a long-term role in
    funding arts at a national and local level
  • Whether there need to be more government incentives to encourage
    private donations.

The Select Committee is interested in responses from people within the
sector by 2 September 2010. For more information, visit the Arts
website here:

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