The Creative Industries Council: The Big Questions

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Developing talent and skills for the Creative Industries is vital for
the future of these industries and the whole of the UK economy. The
Creative Industries Council (CIC) has tasked Skillset to look into this
essential component for Growth.

While the focus of the Government in relation to this work is England,
the issues for the industries are UK-wide. Skillset wishes to receive
input and examples of good practice from all parts of the UK and will
also share their thoughts and recommendations with all parts of the UK

The CIC Skillset Group during the course of its deliberation is
inviting input on these Big Questions. You can answer as many or as
few as you would like. Please scroll down for details of how to submit
your response. Click this link if you would like to download a PDF of
the Big Questions:

1. Is school-based education providing young people with the right
understanding, knowledge and aptitudes for the Creative Industries?

2. How do the Creative Industries best communicate and supply access
to relevant Careers information, advice and mentoring to:

  • those wishing to enter; and
  • those already in the workforce wishing to develop their skills and
    progress in their careers.

How do we work effectively with the All-Age Careers Service?

3.  How can we improve fair access and clear entry and progression
routes into the Creative Industries to ensure the best possible talent
and skills base that is representative of the UK’s population? How can
we increase the take up of formal Apprenticeships and paid

4. How do we best develop the skills for creative competitiveness and
growth amongst the existing workforce and provide continuous
professional development (CPD) to support it?

5. How do we best develop innovative world-beating leaders, managers
and entrepreneurs with the right skills and attributes to ensure our
future creative growth? Do today’s leaders and managers deploy and use
the talent and skills of our workforce as effectively as they might?
Or can more be done?

6. How can we maximise partnerships:

  • between Creative Industries and Further and Higher Education; and
  • better partnerships within Further and Higher Education between
    faculties supporting the fusion of creativity, technology and
    entrepreneurship needed by many employers?

7. How can we ensure our industries (employers, employees,
freelancers), and those wishing to enter, can identify appropriate and
quality training and Further and Higher Education provision?

8. How do we ensure that educators and trainers are supported to be
equipped with updated and relevant skills, information and knowledge
both within subject specific to Creative Industries and others, e.g.
marketing, finance, law and business studies?

9. How do we best facilitate networks and partnerships to aggregate
support and scalability to achieve commonly identified solutions:

  1. across the Creative Industries;
  2. between the Creative Industries and key education and
    training providers;
  3. between the Creative Industries and Government and its
    public agencies?

10. Is the Labour Market Information and intelligence gathering that
we currently produce across the Creative Industries sufficient to
effectively inform planning and investment in appropriate delivery?
Can we improve it and in what way?

11. What examples are there of projects, initiatives or policies that
are successfully delivering on any of the above issues and which could
usefully be given greater profile or wider application?

12. How can we deliver better outputs and investment for supporting
talent development by reducing Red Tape and introducing flexibilities
which meet the employment and company profile needs of the Creative

How and by when to respond:

Consultation on these questions is open until 23 September 2011 and
you can email your responses to

Your responses should not exceed 6 pages of A4 and please provide a
contact name and email. You may also want to specify whether or not
you are happy for your response to be made public.

You do not have to answer all the questions; you can answer as many or
as few as you would like.


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