A Mother’s Love By Paul Kenny

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‘Cornucopia Radio’ was created in 2008 by a number of local writers and performers to create professional produced audio-drama/comedy shows which could be re-broadcast by the growing number of ‘Community Radio’ stations across the UK and also distributed to a potential international audience through digital platforms like ITunes.

Their latest drama débuted online last week, and is called ‘A Mothers Love’. Written by local playwright ‘Paul Kenny’, the story is a hard-hitting tale about a comprehensive school teacher who is sent to prison for abusing one of his 14 year old female pupils; plunging his mother into a nightmare as she’s forced to examine her true feelings for her only child, and a realization that their relationship must change if it is to survive the sentence and beyond.

“I’m interested in the way we ‘demonsise’ people” Says Paul Kenny the writer as he explains how he came up with the story, “Things are rarely so simple though, especially for significant others like parents and other loved ones. Additionally, I wanted to capture concepts such as ‘tough love’ versus ‘unconditional love’ and empathy versus sympathy. Empathy is quite a complex issue, especially in the context of sex offending but this sets us apart as humans and helps us make sense of someones behaviour, even if we totally disagree or are shocked by it.”

You can download ‘A Mothers Love’ by visiting the ‘Cornucopia Radio’ website at http://www.cornucopia-radio.co.uk

This work is also released under a ‘Creative-Commons agreement’ and can be freely rebroadcast and distributed for non-commercial use.

This post is from the arts.community.media website.

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