META Europe: Media Training Across Europe 19-25 June 2013

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Speaking out! – Media competence and cultural empowerment
Training course from 19-25 June 2013 in Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain
Reference Number Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database: DE-2013-1296-001

How can you design a compelling radio format or podcast? How can you reach your target group with your (web-) radio programme? In this course you will learn about digital recording, interviewing and editing and just as important how to train minority groups to create a voice for expressing their cultural identity. Radio producers can learn from adult educators about their practices and adult educators can benefit from the creative and media experience of radio producers. Do you want to know and do you want to share your experiences? Then this course is for you.

“META EUROPE Media Competency and Cultural Empowerment” is a European training course focusing on media competence and new technology. It has been developed under the European Socrates/Grundtvig scheme by an international consortium of radio stations, universities and media training projects including: Orange 94.0 Free Radio, Vienna, Austria; Radio Robin Hood, Turku, Finland; Civil Radio, Budapest, Hungary; Mediapolis, Rome, Italy; University Lodz, Poland; University of Sunderland, UK; University of Education Freiburg, Germany (coordinator).

From 2006 to 2012 courses were run successfully in Poland, UK, Austria, Finland and Spain. The EC specify that the working language for the course is English although there can be provision for translation of some aspects of the course. Participants included adult educators, teachers, social workers, radio producers and youth workers from various European countries.

After the course they can integrate media training into their regular work, especially with socially marginalized groups.  Thus they are able to improve access to the public sphere for disadvantaged groups such as persons with limited schooling, women, migrants, residents of rural areas, elderly and disabled people. Mutual understanding across Europe is also furthered as the course participants will come from a range of European countries.

The training is planned as a 6-day course with approximately 25-30 teaching hours. There will be at least one day for visiting local organisations where the course takes place in order to facilitate exchange of experience.

The course is uploaded on the Comenius-Grundtvig Data base:

As the National Agencies introduced fixed deadlines for applications for bursaries interested persons should pre-register for the course as soon as possible. The latest date for pre-registering is 10/12/2012. The deadline for applying for funding at the respective National Agency is the 11th January 2013.

You find detailed information about pre-registering as well as about the course programme here.

Interested people can pre-register by contacting:

Dr. Traudel Guennel
University of Education/Paedagogische Hochschule
Kunzenweg 21
D 79117 Freiburg

Email: guennel(at)

As soon as they have registered they will receive detailed information how to apply for the grant.

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