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Radio Hive is the first station to be based in a Museum. Our Aim is to give people a voice, a platform and the opportunity to make and listen to radio programmes that matter to them, that entertain them and that inspire them. We are bringing voices into the Museum, working with the local community on projects that include and combine Art and Broadcasting. Working with local artists we also have an Art Studio on the museum site and will help with delivering art classes, exhibitions and open studio events, which the radio will help in documenting the activities.

So as an example of a week here at Hive and the projects we are involved in.

27th May.
The first of four Music in Museums events organised by Bridie Jackson and the Arbour took place at Preston Hall Museum Stockton, we broadcast live and interviewed the musicians to allow us to document the work being done. All of which will be edited and podcast in the near future.

28th May.
Mature adults visiting us from South Tyneside Homes, for an art class with a difference. Water pistols loaded with paint to shoot at moving targets certainly wasn’t what they expected. Mark Gibson organised this event with great success. The completed artwork is still to be revealed.

29th May
A trip to Woodhorn Museum to plan for the next Music in Museums event on Saturday 8th June.
As a special treat our team meeting was held at the local ice cream parlour. Very nice too even though the weather left a great deal to be desired. After that our first group of artists to be taking up places in our art studios came in to meet each other and take a look around the site.

30th May.
A short breath, but the day did include planning for our Great Gatsby Night to take place on 2nd August with live music and optional dressing up. Recordings of the event will be broadcast after the event.

31st May & 1st June.
Visit Salford Quays for the CMA Conference. It was our first visit to the conference and was very interesting, and everyone was so kind, we are rather new to all this.

2nd June
Sunday we had our live broadcast, including music to complement the arrival at Bede’s World of Classic Cars that were being exhibited. We broadcast of a feature interview with Positive Notes a singing group from Tyneside Women’s Health. The Museums Living History Group came in to talk to us, dressed in 1940s clothing, as they were part of the Home Guard for the day to look after the pre-war cars on site. We then had a Tribute to Abba, before closing the day with another musical Journey with a Car themed Jazz, Soul and Funk show. Thanks to Keith, Mark, John, Rosie, Sophie, India, Joe and Les for presenting throughout the day. Though I did muscle my way in as well.

And for this week we plan to have a trial of our new interactive tables with the Local History Group, who will be asked to record their reminiscences of the site onto the tables. Then it is off to Woodhorn Museum for the second of the Music in Museums events with Bridie Jackson and the Arbour. The rest of the time will be spent planning and organising, in particular the next Art Project with South Tyneside Homes due to take place on 11th June. Then progressing our own Music in Museums event to be held on 20th July at Bede’s World.

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