Ofcom report on a possible low-cost DAB platform for small radio stations

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Ofcom has published a research paper investigating the potential of
small scale Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transmissions using new
lower-cost technologies.

An experimental DAB multiplex was set up in central Brighton between
14 September 2012 and 27 January 2013, using open-source software to
transmit DAB signals, rather than the hardware used for larger scale
radio transmissions.

The results of this trial successfully demonstrated that it is
feasible to deliver DAB in small areas at much lower cost than
currently required for equipment to deliver wide-area coverage.
Further work is recommended in this area; however this approach could
potentially provide a digital platform for smaller services such as
(but not limited to) student, educational, ethnic and specialist
interest groups.



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  1. Dave

    This is were we needs the likes of the cma to convince ofcom & multiplex operators to make this happen.

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