DCMS Consultation on the future of community radio

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DCMS has published its consultation on community radio.  The deadline for responses is 23rd April 2014.

Below is the link to the consultation document:


We urge you all to respond to this consultation, whether as a licensed station or other interested party, and where possible to copy your response to the us at the CMA to inform our response to it on your behalf.

We will create an online form on our website for you to respond/copy your response to us – more details about this shortly.

Questions in the consultation are below. We look forward to working with you all to ensure a better future for community radio.

Best wishes

Jaqui Devereux, Director, CMA


Question 1 – Do you agree that the restriction on community radio, whose coverage areas overlap with commercial radio licence areas with fewer than 150,000 adults in their measured coverage area, should be removed.  If you disagree with this statement please substantiate with details from any available source.    

Question 2 – If the funding restrictions on advertising were to be reduced ought the requirement on Ofcom to look at potential economic impact need also to be reviewed. We welcome your views on this.

Question 3 – Should there be a relaxation of the restriction preventing stations from taking more than 50% of their income from advertising and sponsorship. If your answer to this question is yes, then what should the new restriction be.  How should it be determined. For example, set in regulation or set by Ofcom following consultation and reviewing periodically.

Question 4 – Of the two options noted above which do you support, and why.  Include reasons why you dismiss the alternative option.  We invite you to provide details on other approaches for consideration. 

Question 5 – What way/s could a Fixed Revenue Allowance be fairly determined if this was to be set by Ofcom.  Should this be set by Ofcom. What facts would Ofcom need to take into account in setting an appropriate level of allowance.     

Question 6 – Would you support a further 5 year extension of a licence beyond the second 5 year period.   If you do not agree, please provide reasons why this should not happen.

Question 7 – How can Community Radio Fund grant funding be better used.

There are no plans to alter how decisions are taken to distribute the grant however we welcome views on other ways in which the grant could be better targeted and how might this be done.

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  1. John Grierson

    From Graduate School, Falmouth University. All points and possible recommendations from the CMA noted and responded to. I will also be commenting in detail to Ofcom as part of my PhD studies into the relationship between LCR and Com Radio after consultation with Com Radio stations in Cornwall and elsewhere.

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