Ofcom awards new community radio licences in Huddersfield and Pocklington

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Ofcom has announced the award of new community radio licences in Huddersfield and Pocklington.

Licences have been awarded to Radio Sangam, for a service in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and to West Wolds Radio, for a service in Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

Radio Sangam (Communities Together)
Contact name:
Qaisar Mahmood

Radio Sangam will serve the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities within the broadcast area in Huddersfield. The applicant demonstrated its ability to establish and maintain the proposed service as it possesses a number of useful existing assets and stable sources of funding along with a large range of broadcasting and other professional experience. The applicant group demonstrated strong community involvement and provided evidence of a good level of local support.

The group also demonstrated strong links with local organisations and established partnerships, which coupled with the group’s experience and financial resources, would allow for good delivery on its social gain commitments. The applicant also proposed a good level of accountability measures such as proposals for a public AGM and a steering group comprised of members of the target community.

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West Wolds Radio (West Wolds Radio Limited)
Contact name:
Stuart Cocker

West Wolds Radio will serve the over-25 age group in the town of Pocklington and surrounding villages in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  The Broadcast Licensing Committee considered that the members of the applicant group had suitable experience to deliver the service, and had proposed a low-cost sustainable business model for a service covering a small rural area.

The Committee also felt that the group demonstrated good local community links and local area knowledge, as well as appropriate programme proposals to cater for local tastes and interests. Finally, the Broadcast Licensing Committee noted that the applicant was able to show a good degree of local support for its application.

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The licences are awarded for a five-year period.

Statements setting out the main determining factors for the awards of the community radio licences referred to above will be published on the Ofcom website.


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