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It’s been a pretty exciting time recently. After I received a High Sheriff’s Award for many years of work in the local community, next came an ITV Surprise Surprise programme for which I was nominated by my son James. Four teams filmed at the studios for what I thought was to be a feature on the Station During the last filming session – I was set up nicely! Boyzone were flown in from New York and Dublin specially to tell me what my son had done!

We all met up again ready to walk onto the Surprise Surprise set at the ITV studios in London and James and I were interviewed by Holly Willoughby. I later introduced the boys who sang a number live. They were great.

During the filming I’d been asked about the many celebrities I’ve met and who I would still like to meet. Actress Whoopi Goldberg is one such lady.

She’S not been afraid to work hard -in a funeral parlour, as a bricklayer, building up her craft through stand-up comedy, taking opportunities and making the most of them. She also has a very keen social conscious and is not afraid to speak up. I find her really “natural” in films and believed her to be very personable lady who would be fascinating to sit and talk with. She suits each part she has played and I’ve enjoyed all her characters.

So, I was even more surprised when Whoopi came up on a large screen in the London TV studio, praising me for my work and asking to meet me in New York. On 6th May my son and I flew out on a holiday organised through ITV and watched her in “The View”, a daily American equivalent to our Loose Women, which was a fun experience. I then chatted with her and recorded a short piece to broadcast on SWINDON 105.5.

She was as natural and friendly off-stage as I had believed she’d be. I took the opportunity to ask her to become the Station’s third Patron – and she said yes without hesitation as she believed in my work and my ethos of total inclusion. Whoopi represents The Arts, one of the key areas the Radio Station promotes and supports. That was a “present” from America I could share with all the Station’s volunteers and it’s great to have international recognition for my work with the Station.

The whole experience has been both humbling and exciting, knowing that so much effort went in to making the programme and arranging the trip to New York on my behalf.

I hope I can continue to be as successful with funding for our non-commercial radio service as I have been to date and welcome any calls of interest to find out about supporting us or getting involved.

SWINDON 105.5: 01793 611555
Mobile: 07951 366289

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  1. David

    Well Done Tamar, it sounds like you are an inspirational leader for your group, and a well deserved treat for you and great publicity for the station.

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