Application process for Short term RSLs during June and July 2015

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Ofcom has outlined the application process for short-term restricted service licences (SRSLs) to provide a radio service between 15 June and 23 July 2015.

Ramadan falls within this period, and Ofcom expects to receive a large number of applications to run radio stations at this time.

Due to the high demand for SRSLs in some locations in the UK, and the limited FM frequencies available, Ofcom expects to allocate licences by way of a draw.

The large number of applications Ofcom expects to receive also makes it impractical to accept applications on the usual ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Applicants wishing to provide a service between 15 June and 23 July 2015 are therefore invited to submit their application between 19 and 23 January 2015.

Some changes to SRSL licensing processes have come into effect, so applicants should check the full details available on Ofcom’s website:

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