Free iOS and Android app plus revenue share for community stations

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Community Media Association partners Exaget – the makers of the CMA-endorsed Reach Radio Player – are looking to build closer relationships with individual community stations. You can sign up your station here:

In this CMA-exclusive article Exaget CEO Shankar Meembat explains why:

Over the last fifteen months here at Exaget, we have been running the Reach Radio Player – a radio app dedicated to the UK’s vibrant community radio sector. Launched on iTunes and Google Play in early 2014 with ten partner broadcasters, you can now listen to over 200 of the UK’s Community Radio stations in the UK through the Reach Radio Player app. Thanks to a lot of hard work by our partner stations, the network is now bringing in over 20,000 stream starts a month.

In the same period RAJAR has shown that online radio listening has continued to grow – with 22% of adults now listening to the radio on a tablet or mobile phone every month. In the traditionally “hard to reach” 15 to 24 year old age group that figure rises to 36%.

Community stations that we have worked with tell us that they want to be able to reach out and engage with that “hard to reach” younger audience and benefit from the additional value that mobile listeners can bring.

The interest level has led us to now offer to build Ofcom-licensed community stations both iOS and Android apps for free.

Not only does the app come with the station’s branding, it enables listeners to engage with the station via Facebook, Twitter, email, call or text message. And of course, the apps incorporate Exaget’s ActiveRadio® technology which serves pre-roll and in stream digital radio ads. These radio ads are delivered to listeners based on their location or demographics. Not only that, this opens up all kinds of possibilities for immediate, direct interaction such as “tap now for more information”, “share on Facebook or Twitter to win” and even “press call to book a test drive”.

All of these features not only drive engagement with listeners, but also offer new revenue opportunities for stations.

Our business is built on partnerships and revenue share and we really get a buzz out of working with the dedicated, hard-working members of the community radio community. We would love for your station to join Awaz FM, Diverse FM, Express FM and GFM as part of the ActiveRadio network.

Shankar Meembat is Founder and CEO of Exaget. To sign your station up for free iOS and Android apps and join their ActiveRadio® Network here:

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