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I know there was a lot of interest around a network of community media organisations with a strong interest in arts, experimentation and collaboration.

We will further the conversation at this year’s CMA conference on 12th September with a space for informal sharing and discussion. This will take place in two, 45 minute, breakout sessions, that reflect the conference’s theme of ‘inspiring through success’.

I would love to hear from anyone who is planning to come, and especially, I would love you to bring one or two short (under 5 minutes) pieces of media to share, so we can inspire one another. These could be radio features, videos, or almost anything else.

It would be great to know in advance if you are doing this, but if you just appear on the day we will aim to fit everything in. I have a feeling it will work out perfectly.

Some things to consider:

  • How do we fund art projects? How do they support our overall business model?
  • How can community media organisations and and arts organisations collaborate more?
  • How are artists helping to get rarely heard voices and stories broadcast, and improve social cohesion?
  • How can community media be more exciting and risk taking than commercial or BBC?
  • How can we work together more, to enhance our programming and attract more sustainable funding?

Hope to see you there!


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