Dale Brown, East Coast FM

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Here’s the story of Dale Brown Dale Brown East Coast FMwho presented his first show on East Coast FM this week and will present every other week going forward.

Dale Brown, from Dunbar, has cerebral palsy and took to the airwaves for his first-ever radio show thanks in part to a clever bit of technology called a Dynovox Voice Box.

Ian Robertson, station manager at East Coast FM, said

“I think we are the first station to do what we have done. Dale will now be on fortnightly, pre-recorded the week before so we can edit out gaps as Dale’s hands are also affected. He did push every button though. The acclaim that followed from listeners has been truly amazing and now the wider press is interested”.

The pre-recorded show took about 90 minutes to put together and Ian said: “He loved it.

Video: https://youtu.be/-ogrOLJsj9s

More here: http://eastcoastfm.co.uk/dale-brownwho-lives-with-cerebral-palsy/

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