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Show times on InRadio will be Tuesday 11am, Thursday at 1pm, Saturday at 9am and Sunday night at midnight.

To deliver a regular one-hour programme, The Third Sector with Dom Chambers, focused on the interests of the UK’s community radio sector.

Launched in February 2016, InRadio is an online radio service all about radio broadcasting in the UK. The schedule offers a mix of leading industry names, sector news, entertainment, and programmes targeting specific areas. This proposal offers representation of community radio to complement the variety and quality of InRadio’s offer. Third Sector is a one-hour weekly show for anyone who is engaged with and passionate about community radio. Each week the show will highlight what is happening in the sector, profiling initiatives, and upcoming events. It will generate all manner of features, from fundraising frolics to how to run a social enterprise. Features to include:

  • Demonstrate how community radio makes a positive difference.
  • Showcase quality entertaining and informative features.
  • Sector news, eg: conference and networking dates, awards, etc.
  • Sharing best practice between community broadcasters
  • Profile a station a week

Professionally produced the show also aims to reach wider audiences. It will be an opportunity to showcase some of the great radio that comes out of the community sector.

The show will be produced by young radio talent on work experience at Somer Valley FM. Simona Botviciute is a journalism graduate from Cardiff, Georgia Butler combines feature-making for Somer Valley FM with being a Heart Angel. Technical production will be overseen by Luke Barnes. The show will be anchored by Dom Chambers with 25 years of broadcasting experience and a wide knowledge of community radio. Contributions will be welcomed from community stations throughout the UK. The programme intends to work closely with representative organisations such as the Community Media Association, the Radio Hub and The Radio Academy to publicise the latest news and events. It will also provide a platform of interaction for the sector’s key stake holders such as Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Ofcom and the BBC.

Dom Chambers, says “I have often thought it would be great to have a radio programme that showcases all the brilliant things that come out of community broadcasting. With perfect timing, it is exciting that InRadio have come along with the ideal platform for this to launch and grow.”

inRadio’s founder Roy Martin “inRadio is for the whole radio industry and it is fantastic the community sector will now be in the schedule.”

There are currently 238 community radio licenses on air right now in the UK. There are a further 27 licenses preparing to launch. Community radio is the only licensed radio sector that is expanding, with Ofcom expected to announce new licenses for several years to come. Largely drawn from the volunteer and charitable oriented Third Sector, Community radio is the exciting new phenomenon that is a bedding into the local radio landscape that was previously and exclusively occupied by the BBC and commercial networks. A need had arisen for an easy to access central platform to share best practice and highlight developments from local funding to government policy. The relatively recent arrival and rapid expansion of community radio is good news for audience variety and empowering voices less heard on other networks. At the same time, there are serious challenges around how this sector will sustain and grow. Now is the right time for a radio show that informs and showcases this vibrant, exciting and expanding area of radio. Third Sector will celebrate the hard work of thousands of volunteers and contributors across the country showing that community radio makes a massive positive difference to audiences and participants on a daily basis.

Now, let’s work together to bring this good news to our very own radio show.

Here’s what we are after:

Features and clips created in community radio that show the quality of our work to others in our sector as well as a wider audio listening public. These should be broadcast ready and no more than 5 minutes long or split into sections. The show encourages sending in tracks by bands and artists being supported by community stations. Please ensure that any track is accompanied by a short biog. Send any news of upcoming events that will be of interest to anyone involved in community media. Also send any questions you would like us to answer through the programme.

For more information and how you and your organisation can get involved email Simona on

To submit audio content please visit the link below. Each audio piece should be no more than 5 minutes and should be uploaded as an MP3.


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