Hereward Television to Benefit From High-Tech Skills Taught to Local Citizens

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Media training resource for Peterborough and the Fenlands gets ‘thumbs-up’ from the Charity Commission

Hereward Media took a huge step towards meeting its long-term objectives this week, as the Charity Commission approved its application to become a registered charity. The media training provider will introduce high-tech skills to those seeking different avenues for their future careers, or even those simply looking for a new and enthralling hobby. The course work outputs from these beneficiaries will include broadcast content for the Hereward Television Local TV channel, which will serve Peterborough and the Fenlands.

In addition, the base of operations will also act as a media resource centre, serving all sections of the community, but in particular the under-25s and the ‘baby boomer’ generation upwards, with a focus on those left behind by recent technological revolutions2. The centre will be easily accessible by public transport from right across the region.

Alex Geairns, Station Director for Hereward Media said: “We have been working with the Charity Commission for the last few months on how to best serve our community. We were already a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, but now this granting of charity status demonstrates the belief that this project will bring tangible benefits to our region. The Hereward Television outlet will differ from other stations in that the content of shows will not be driven by a quest for ratings, but entirely by the interests of those who decide to benefit from our free training.”

Bill Best, Operations Manager of the Community Media Association (CMA), who has been advising Hereward Media on best practice across the sector, commented: “The Charity Commission has strict criteria for awarding charity status to organisations which have broadcasting as an ancillary output from their activities. It became clear to the CMA that Hereward Media will become a valuable training provider for the Peterborough and Fenlands populations, bringing new hope, guidance, and direction to its beneficiaries, and a more qualified and improved talent pool for local employers to be able to tap into. We are delighted that the Charity Commission has concurred with our view on this.”

The next stage of the project is to liaise with professional bodies to arrange accreditation for the courses on offer, and develop training modules to the best possible standards. In the background, the physical infrastructure for the project will also be put into place.

For further details, and to register interest in the available training, visit the website at

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