The ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign

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Community radio stations took part in the national ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign to encourage increased awareness of mental health issues on the morning of Tuesday 15 May.

The Community Media Association partnered with Radiocentre to coordinate the national campaign and mobilised the UK network of community radio stations.

At 10.59am the community radio stations, hospital radio stations, National Prison Radio, the BBC and commercial radio stations joined together across the country to broadcast a one-minute message to increase awareness about mental health.

The message featured the voices of Prince William and Prince Harry, the actors David Harewood and Dame Judi Dench, pop singer Lady Gaga and Olympic champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Quotes from some participating stations are below:

“Lisburn’s 98FM is delighted to participate in the ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign. This year, in particular, we have heard and shared many stories about positive mental health and wellbeing with our listeners, so it is wonderful to see more stations coming on board to challenge the stigma surrounding it.

We salute the unifying efforts of the Community Media Association in this bid to promote a very important message, one which we feel will make a meaningful impact in every region it is heard.”
Michael Clarke, Lisburn’s 98FM

“A national spotlight on mental health issues is long overdue. We have found many members of the local community struggling with their mental health due to various reasons such as family pressure/expectations, financial difficulties, domestic violence and even loneliness. We found most people will struggle on their own and suffer in silence. ”
Jabbar Karim, Managing Director, Fever FM

“RadioReverb is proud to be taking part in such an important national campaign. Our first priority, as a not-for-profit radio station, is to support the Brighton & Hove community, so we consider raising awareness of mental health to be very important. Taking part in the #MentalHealthMinute is part of RadioReverb’s continued effort to encourage positive attitudes towards mental health, after launching a show dedicated to the subject early this year.”
Kelly Westlake, Administrator, RadioReverb

“Pulse 98.4 are delighted to join the radio community in raising awareness of mental health. For too long mental health has been Taboo, ignored and hidden. Shining a light in mental health dispells fears and brings People living with mental health problems out of the shadows.”
Ronny Davis, Content Director, Pulse 98.4

“We want to support this campaign because mental health has been a taboo subject in this country for many years – a constant stigma. The only way we will get to deal with it is by listening and talking and then understanding. What better way to do this than via the airwaves of the UK? The pressures of modern day life have stacked up over the years with a wave/a tsunami of stress/depression/helplessness and the British way of life is to bottle it up. We need to break out from this way of trying to deal with it and use radio as a means of communication. We all know that the strongest messages come from radio, be that whether it is advertising or infomercials. Together we can make the UK a better place and this is a good place to start.”
Nick Wright, Canalside Radio

“Switch Radio is delighted to be a part of the ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign. The coming together of radio stations of all shapes and sizes, confirms what an important issue mental health is and how – united – we can begin to tackle this problem.”
Dean Kavanagh, Switch Radio

“Congratulations to all involved in Mental Health Minute, a superb initiative and a testament to the power of radio; reaching out to listeners and making a difference.”
Gary Rodger, Sunny G Radio

“We are delighted to support the ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign. Mental health is a very important area of our work and in the coming months Gateway 97.8 will be making a cross-series of discussion shows and one of them will be on mental health – today’s awareness campaign underpins this.”
Danny Lawrence, Director, Gateway 97.8

“The well being of all is very important to us all at Crystal 107.4FM (Penicuik). Mental health issues can be tackled by talking and awareness to uplift morale. We hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will achieve greater help and support for those who need it.”
Colin McCall, Crystal 107.4FM (Penicuik)

“Mental health is an issue that matters to people across the community and we are delighted to continue to raise awareness of this issue.”
Paul Golder, Chairman, Phoenix FM

“Representing the student community from Luton, Radio LaB was proud to participate in the Mental Health Minute. We work with and broadcast to students and young people for whom mental health is a primary concern – this is a topic and a conversation we believe it is extremely important to have.”
Terry Lee, Coordinator, Radio LaB

“At Penistone FM, we felt that this was a vitally important issue. After broadcasting the initial minute, we played it out every hour o,n Tuesday until 10pm to hammer home the message.”
Steve Dobson, Programming Manager, Penistone FM

“We were really pleased to be able to take part. As a hospital radio station, I thought we were a perfect medium for this message. I hope we can take part in future campaigns.”
Dan Morgan, Radio Hillingdon

“The Mental Health Minute campaign is important to Radio Tyneside because we promote health and well-being. We think that much more finance should be invested in mental health issues and greater awareness of the issues. Radio Tyneside hopes that the Mental Health Minute campaign will achieve increased awareness of the problem.”
Dave Nicholson MBE, Radio Tyneside

“Hermitage FM in Coalville, Leicestershire was proud and delighted to have participated in the Mental Health Minute Campaign at 10:59am on Tuesday 15th May. The Community Radio Station and Community Coffee Lounge work on a daily basis to support those whose lives have been affected by mental health issues in any way and look forward to the Mental Health Minute being an annual national event.”
Jan Sketchley, Hermitage FM

“Ribble FM undertakes a mental heal campaign each April and the ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign extends our work. We think that mental health issues are best addressed through more talking and more highlighting of those issues. We hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will bring about more awareness, more thinking about the issues, and hope that more people will now be able to ask for help.”
Kath Lord-Green, Ribble FM

“The Mental Health Minute campaign is important to Colne Radio as mental health issues can affect us all and we need to show that mental health issues should not be stigmatised. We feel that there should be more publicity around mental health issues and we hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will bring about more awareness of the issues.”
Justin Fairweather, Colne Radio

“We can all suffer some kind of mental stress during our lifetime and this is why the ‘Mental Health Minute’ campaign is important to Radio West Suffolk. More exposure and additional funding is required for mental health services. We hope that the Mental Health Campaign will mean that more people will be less embarrassed to speak about “the elephant in the room.”
Julie MacLeod, Radio West Suffolk

“Radio Tamworth works with a number of volunteers with mental health issues so this issue is important to us. We think that there should be greater awareness of mental health issues and we hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will bring about more understanding of the subject.”
Alex Farrell, Radio Tamworth

“The Mental Health Minute campaign important to Flex FM because we actively support mental health issues. Some of our team have been very open about mental health and some have formal diagnoses. It is not something that should carry shame and we encourage staff and members of our community to speak out about these issues. It should not take as long as it does to get a referral to get help. Every organisation should have a member of staff that is available to speak to other employees so they do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it. We hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will achieve greater awareness, acceptance and help to stop the stigma.”
Carl Shepherd, Flex FM

“Our audience is heavily impacted by mental ill-health and that is why the Mental Health Minute is important to National Prison radio. More investment in front-line mental health services is required and the Mental Health Minute campaign helps keeps the issues in the spotlight.”
Andrew Wilkie, National Prison Radio

“Bay FM participated in the Mental Health Minute campaign because we all know someone who needs support. People should listen and take it more seriously as mental health issues can affect any of us at any time. We hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will bring awareness about mental health and is taken seriously.”
Julie Green, Bay FM

“Our TSA has a high rate of young male suicide and that is why the Mental Health Minute campaign is important to Irvine Beat FM. We hope that the Mental Health Minute campaign will encourage people to talk openly about mental health and remove the stigma.”
Agnes Sliman, Irvine Beat FM

The event recognises Mental Health Awareness Week and Radio Audio Week which both take place this week.

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