Ten of our community radio members, from across the UK, produced programmes for Euranet (nine stations in English, one in Irish Gaelic), with all ten stations also broadcasting all UK-produced content. All other members of the CMA have access to and are encouraged to broadcast Euranet programmes produced in the UK and elsewhere..

The CMA’sgained multiple benefits for the UK community radio section – including the station management, volunteers and listeners. Our target for Euranet content is for it to be carried on at least 50% of the 250+ UK community radio station, helping to:

  • Raise levels of understanding of the role and value of the EU, its constituent institutions and other pan-European organisations (such as the Council of Europe, European Youth Forum and European Policy Centre).
  • Broaden listener and volunteer horizons, through better cultural understanding of people from different countries and backgrounds.
  • Create a link between EU policy and UK-based listeners – providing a mechanism for policy initiatives (and the thinking behind them) to be better communicated to citizens, and for citizens to engage with policy-makers at the European level.


Updated by Bill Best on 2 December 2014.